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Rangnick emerges as a favorite

Rangnick emerges as a favorite to manage Manchester United after the board prepares to discuss the future of Solskjaer again. Manchester United needed to change managers. The result against Manchester City made it even more clear to everyone. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer didn’t deserve another chance. but

Pep looks down on West Ham

Pep looks down on West Ham, playing better and deserves to go through. Pep Guardiola admits West Ham deserved to beat Manchester City in every way and put an end to their five-year Carabao Cup unbeaten run. Neither side scored in 90 minutes before it was settled on penalties,

Pep Liverpool are the strongest

Pep Liverpool are the strongest opponent Ready to reveal the difference between himself and Klopp. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hailed Liverpool as their toughest opponent. Ready to confirm that they are with Jurgen Klopp is almost completely different. “Liverpool is a team I always admire. Of course that includes Jurgen Klopp’s work and

Manchester United Roy Keane denies three

Manchester United Roy Keane denies three youngsters are not good. Enough for Manchester United. After their defeat to Manchester City. Roy Keane, the former captain of Manchester United believes that there is a 3 bad enough to wear red to show a poor battle in the Premier League match

The legend points out Manchester United

The legend points out that Manchester United lost to Manchester City in different classes. And was worse than the red-hot battle. Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane says defeat in the game. The latest Manchester derby in the Premier League has been worse than the Reds’ defeat two weeks ago, according

Manchester United 11 incredible stats

Manchester United 11 incredible stats from last night’s derby. Manchester United 2-0 home defeat to Manchester City was neither dramatic nor shocking. Considering that less than a month ago, they had just been crushed by Liverpool with a 5-0 score as always, the picture of the Red Devils game

Bruno is hurt that Manchester United

Bruno is hurt that Manchester United are on a different level than Man City. Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes gave a painful interview after the 2-0 home defeat to rivals Manchester City in the derby. After losing an important game like the Manchester. Derby and in front of the fans

Schmeichel slammed Bailly

Schmeichel slammed Bailly after scoring an own goal in Manchester United‘s 2-0 defeat to Man City. Peter Jackson Hashemite legendary goalkeeper of Manchester United. Debut for Manchester United defender criticized the current set of Eric Bryson Japan made an own goal in the opening game home defeated Manchester City 2-0 last night.

Berbatov Predict + Score Match

Berbatov Predict + Score Match Man U vs Man City and West Ham vs Liverpool Bulgarian legend Dimitar Berbatov Predict the results. Of the English Premier League match between Manchester United vs Manchester City and West Ham vs Liverpool. Ready to put the score with confidence. The Manchester derby is the biggest and most