Schmeichel slammed Bailly

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Schmeichel slammed Bailly after scoring an own goal in Manchester United‘s 2-0 defeat to Man City.

Peter Jackson Hashemite legendary goalkeeper of Manchester United. Debut for Manchester United defender criticized the current set of Eric Bryson Japan made an own goal in the opening game home defeated Manchester City 2-0 last night.

“I said in my pre-match analysis that One of the most striking points is Eric Bailly’s performance. will he be able to regain his faith?” the Danes told the BBC.

“Because in the UEFA Champions League game In the middle of the week. Bailly was not impressive and made three or four repeated mistakes and today. He has shown that he has not improved or improved himself at all.

“First of all, I have to say that the entire team of Manchester United are not playing well. Because letting an opponent cross into the middle from the edge. When we have seven defending around the penalty area is very unforgivable.”

“The timing of losing the first goal, if Bailly does not intercept it. Anyway, the ball came through the two Manchester City players waiting to charge in the back anyway. But I think that the fact Bailly can clear the ball better. Just playing simple and conceding a corner is nothing.