Pep Liverpool are the strongest

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Pep Liverpool are the strongest opponent Ready to reveal the difference between himself and Klopp.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hailed Liverpool as their toughest opponent. Ready to confirm that they are with Jurgen Klopp is almost completely different.

“Liverpool is a team I always admire. Of course that includes Jurgen Klopp’s work and they will dominate for at least the next six or seven years,” Pep told Sky Sports.

“I have been following them very seriously since Klopp took over as manager. The first year was a little stutter because it was a major repair. But after adjusting the shape to be more stable, it began to show good form accordingly. Now when you invest in top players and fill the gaps, everything is perfect and you win the title.”

“However, Guardiola and Klopp are different than everyone thinks. I’m from Catalan He’s from Germany, but our way of thinking as coaches might even have completely different concepts.”

“Over the past few years, Liverpool & Man City have been two teams that have stood at the pinnacle of English football. which is not about the way of playing or the origin of the mentor But it’s about bringing out the quality of the players to their fullest potential.”