Klopp on Simikas snatching

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Klopp on Simikas snatching a place at left-back from Robertson.

Bayer Jurgen Klopp ‘s team of Liverpool told an open mind the situation of Costa Single Family occasion was fighting hard until a crowd crush left-back lineup of Ann and Andrew Roberts. Son is coming soon

“If you ask me how close Simikas is to being a Liverpool starter, I’d say it’s very close. This is the same with every player named on the bench in each match. They’re all very close to the real 11. That’s why I put their names on it,” Klopp told a press conference.

“Simigas has shown how high the quality of the footwork. But I don’t want to rush to judge who is the real one – the reserve. Because we have just started a new season not long ago. There are also many other factors involved.”

“While many have pointed out that Simikas will pressure Robertson to push his quality even further or he could easily lose his place, as far as I know, Robertson has worked hard. and pushing myself all the time From my point of view he has been the best left-back in the world for a long time and he is still right now.”

“You don’t think it’s a good thing, do you? We have two top left-backs available, so I can let Robertson rest comfortably for some weeks. Every footballer must understand these things well.”