Ivan Toney Brentford striker

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Ivan Toney Brentford striker has vowed not to be a substitute if he joins Liverpool.

Brentford striker Ivan Toney insists if the opportunity arises. He is ready to move to football for Liverpool. At any time and will squeeze the position of a real striker to dominate for sure.

Back in the last season. The 25-year-old blew up his form in the League Championship. By scoring as many as 33 goals. To help Brentford promoted to the Premier League for the first time in history. And up until now, still doing outstanding work as usual. Although the number of scores is still small

Recently, Total Media channel has interviewed. Tony on various issues and shoots interesting and curious questions such as. If there is a chance to join a team that has been rumored as well. such as Liverpool and Leeds United. which team will he choose to sign with?

“As I said before. I’ve been a supporter of Liverpool. since I was a kid and was a full-fledged Kop. assuming that if they contacted me it wouldn’t be a waste of time to think. But you never know if something like this is going to happen or not,” Tony told Total Media.

The reporter continued to ask. If given the opportunity. which path would Tony choose between becoming a key striker at Leeds United and a Liverpool reserve striker?