Endo opened up about the time before moving to Liverpool last summer.

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Endo opened up about the time before moving to Liverpool last summer.

  • Wataru Endo reveals he never thought he would move to Liverpool.
  • The “Reds” had Moises Caicedo as their main target at that time.
  • This player admits that Dreams come true after moving to Anfield

Wataru Endo, the Japanese national team engine room of Liverpool , a giant club in the English Premier League, admits that he almost gave up on moving to Anfield after the “Reds” were about to acquire striker Moises Caicedo. The Ecuadorian native went to join the team, but in the end the player chose to move to Chelsea. 

Endo said: “If I get the chance (to play in the Premier League), I have a feeling. I was going to head to Liverpool because they had a lot of players ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app leaving at the time. Especially the two midfielders (Jordan Henderson and Fabinho) who recently left the team.”

“I thought Moises Caicedo would sign. I remember the news at the time reported that The deal is nearly finished. I think I’m going to have to give up. But in the end he went to Chelsea, in terms of the fee it was only part of the deal, I heard that, that’s what they said in the media.”

“Players like me only get opportunities in situations like this. Liverpool’s aim is to acquire talented young players. But not every club can sign their desired target, so Plan B is to sign older players. and has experience that can play immediately.”

“Liverpool are looking for that in signing me. And I feel like I myself have been waiting for this opportunity my whole life.”