‘Capello’ slams Roma owner for not respecting ‘Mourinho’

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Fabio Capello, the legendary manager, criticized Roma’s owners for not giving in to Jose Mourinho’s requests and for firing the head coach who had benefited the industry. In a very disrespectful way

last Tuesday After dropping to 9th place, “Rome Wolves” announced the end of their 2 and a half year period with Mourinho and Capello, expressing their views on their former club.

“It seems that the American owners There will be strange management methods. and no respect for the people he works with,” the five-time Serie A team manager began.

“We saw Maldini get fired by Milan over the phone. And now it’s Mourinho’s turn to face the same thing… He’s at the practice field. and then was informed that he was no longer in the position ′′ ′′

Roma and Mourinho clearly don’t get along. He requested something. and the club did not respond But I never thought I’d see a farewell like this.”

“Of course, the team owner has decision-making power. But I believe more in respect. They should bid farewell in a different way. That is not a cold statement.” http://ufabet999.com

“Mourinho has given many things to the football world. But instead he was treated like someone who had never managed a team before. Roma’s owner had a serious lack of respect. I cannot accept this attitude.”

At the same time, Roma appointed Daniele De Rossi, a former commander in charge, and Capello added additional encouragement to his old team.

“It’s a big step forward. and a great opportunity for De Rossi, but now Roma is in a difficult situation Because there are only 13 players left ready to play ′′

De Rossi’s hardest job is that he has to excite the players. When I was a footballer He proved himself early in his career. And we will see each other’s journey as coaches.”