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Berbatov Predict + Score Match Man U vs Man City and West Ham vs Liverpool

Bulgarian legend Dimitar Berbatov Predict the results. Of the English Premier League match between Manchester United vs Manchester City and West Ham vs Liverpool. Ready to put the score with confidence.

The Manchester derby is the biggest and most stakes game in many ways. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted to use this match to regain. The faith of his supporters after being devastated by Liverpool. It was crushed two weeks ago. making it impossible to lose at home again. Burb told Betfair.

At the same time. I believe that Manchester City will not be able to attack. Their own game as easily as football fans around the world think. Because no matter how strong they are. But this is a battle with the dignity of the foes supporting the city.

The main point is that Solskjaer also has a pretty good record. When leading the team against Pep Guardiola. So Manchester United shouldn’t be too bad to lose. So I’m guessing that this pair is tied 1-1″

Another pair of special interest is the West Ham vs Liverpool. Clash and I’m sure this game will be of five-star quality. Because even though my name is inferior, David Moyes’s children are also at their peak.