Bayern Munich won’t ban ‘Mazraoui’ for posting in support

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Bayern Munich did not impose a ban on Nusser Mazraoui, but held talks with the players. after he posted on social media supporting Palestine in the conflict with Israel.

Mazraoui is another footballer who posted on social media about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including calling for victory for with Palestine. สมัคร ufabet

He posted after Hamas, the armed group, attacked Israel on October 7, killing at least 1,400 people, most of them civilians.

Instead, more than 3,700 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli retaliation. Most of whom are civilians as well.

Club CEO Jan-Christian Driesen said Mazraoui was adamant that he was opposed to brutality and war. Including regret if his post makes many people dissatisfied.

“I strongly condemn acts of terrorism and all terrorist groups,” Mazraoui told the club’s website.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel also spoke with Mazraoui, including: Israeli reserve goalkeeper Daniel Peretz is confident there are no cracks within the team.

“Within the team there are always different religions and cultures. This is a place where you can work calmly towards a common goal.” Tuchel said Mazraoui

will not face a ban but he cannot play for the Southern Tigers at the moment because Facing an injury from a game with the Morocco national team