‘Barella’ says he took issue with a false source who said he was involved in gambling.

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Nicolo Barella vows to take legal action after Mauricio Petra is believed to be the source of a report. Accusing the Inter Milan midfielder of involvement in an illegal player gambling scandal.

Petra, the uncle of former Inter full-back Antonio Esposito, is believe by many to be the source of information for Fabrizio Corona who is trying to expose the player. Illegal gambling

He was the first to expose Nicolo Fagioli. As being involved in the investigation. Follow by Sandon Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo. He also named other players as well, including Fe

. Derico Gatti, Nicolo Zalevski, Stefan El Shaarawy. And Nicolo Casale, but the latter was not

involved in the investigation. Many people are trying to sue Corona for ruining their reputation.

Petra even appeared with Corona in a video discussing Serie A players. Ami is involved in an illegal gambling scandal. And he told Italian media. That Barella was also involve. Barella

posted on Instagram a photo from a news story from ยูฟ่าเบท (which means truth in Italian) along with the message: “From a newspaper that calls itself Truth. I expected it to be more believable. The only truth is that you guys are clowns.”

The 26-year-old also post “I have been silent for too long despite reading everything about me. Never mind gambling, I’ve never gambled. (Especially with my job) All I care about is protecting my daughter and family from this shit. Because of that, from today on I will take legal action.”