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Joe Cole believes Lukaku & Ronaldo

Joe Cole believes Lukaku & Ronaldo will dominate the top scorers. This season over Salah. English offensive midfielder Joe Cole Be confident that Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo have a better chance of winning the Premier League’s top scorer. This season than Mohamed Salah. who has shown great form at the current. “Personally,

Berbatov Predict + Score Match

Berbatov Predict + Score Match Man U vs Man City and West Ham vs Liverpool Bulgarian legend Dimitar Berbatov Predict the results. Of the English Premier League match between Manchester United vs Manchester City and West Ham vs Liverpool. Ready to put the score with confidence. The Manchester derby is the biggest and most

Jurgen Klopp on long-rumoured Bowen

Jurgen Klopp on long-rumoured Liverpool boss Bowen while watching West Ham players individually. Bayer Jurgen Klopp ‘s team Liverpool. Interviewed from Rod Bowen wing ahead of West Ham United. With the praises of these players Army Hammer tiles. Before the opening battle in the Premier League tonight. this week “I have to